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you know what they do to puppies like kylie in prison...

outside cut:

MCR life on the murder scene package, one audio cd and two dvds, $14 SHIPPED

and now, everything else!

lamb - what sound (includes a dvd)
fila brazillia - another late night
ballboy - club anthems
lock, stock, and two smoking barrels soundtrack
johnathan rice - trouble is real
super furry animals - rings around the world
fiery furnaces - ep
chromeo - she's in control
austin powers soundtrack
ida - you will find me
the microphones - song islands
the operacycle - warmer
the music - the music
trembling blue stars - broken by whispers
longwave - endsongs
clueless soundtrack
xtc - upsy daisy assortment
supergrass - supergrass
joss stone - mind body and soul

shipping fragile records is tricky enough, and the price varies depending on where you are and what service you'd like, so for the 7"s it's $3 each + postage we'll figure out if need be (with some exceptions...)

cornershop - brimful of asha/sleep on the left side (clear orange vinyl!)
glitterbox - motorcycle song
emm gryner - summerlong
sick bees - sunset/saguaro lighter

i don't have set prices for these either, so let's figure something out

outkast - stankonia promo (orange vinyl! limited release, out of print, i'd like $12 for this)
modest mouse/764-hero - whenever you see fit
dr. octagon - a: earth people / b: earth people dj q-bert remix
orbital - a: nothng left / b: way out west remix
mum - please smile my nose bleed

steve-o... doing whatever he does. his first tape.
titanic 2-VHS set (i have two sets of these)
reservoir dogs VHS
zoolander VHS
buffalo 66 VHS
what women want VHS
home alone VHS
grease VHS
pretty woman VHS
mtv's the real world you never saw VHS
mtv's real world las vegas: the shit they should've shown VHS
mtv's the real world decade of bloopers VHS

mean girls
reefer madness
memoirs of a geisha (it's the actual dvd, but there's no box or book, but i'd ship it safely in a blank one)
sex and the city season 3 - 2 dvd set $10 (just like memoirs, real DVDs but no box, sorry)

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