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from this side, that side, FAR SIDE, near side, every side!

a note on the condition of the books: I LOVE BOOKS. i love my books as much as i love my handbags. so unless otherwise noted, and i don't even think there should be any other notes, as far as i can remember, they're read well, but still beautiful, and in IMPECCABLE condition, i promise! :)

1. all she was worth - miyuki miyabe
2. the heart is a lonely hunter - carson mccullers
3. atlas shrugged - ayn rand

4-6.far side gallery, best-of compilations, by gary larson $8 each, all three for $20!
retails $11.95 each

1. mia tells it like it is - meg cabot (this is the first two the princess diaries books together in one volume) $4 shipped
2. queen of the damned - anne rice $4 shipped
3. some girls - kristin mccloy
4. blonde - joyce carol oates
5. stephen king - insomnia
6. the unabridged journals of sylvia plath - $10 (this is huge and heavy, we have to calculate postage)

the great book of sports cars, $30
HUGE full-color book, over 300 pages, still in excellent condition, and as pictured, you can see it retailed for $100!

1. the decorated home: imaginitive designs and painting techniques, $10
2. true colors by country living magazine, $12
(retail $27.50)

1. guide to frasier - jefferson graham
2. memoirs of a geisha - arthur golden
3. mail - maeve medwed
4. model behaviour - jay mcinerney
5. hooking up - tom wolfe
6. seabisquit - laura hillenbrand
7. pattern recognition - william gibson

1. the volkswagon beetle - david hodges
2. for one more day - mitch albom
3. the book of fate - brad meltzer

1. a virtuous woman - kaye gibbons
2. seabisquit - laura hillenbrand
3. blue shoe - anne lamott
4. biomarkers: the ten keys to prolonging vitality - william evans, phd
5. strong women stay young - miriam e. nelson, phd

1. the dog from "arf arf" to "ZZZZZZZzzzzzz" - "the dog" artist collection, $10 shipped
2. puppies - william wegman, $10 shipped
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